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X-Ray Vision

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X-Ray Vision (post #161652)

I've been working on chapter 9, building the legs and skirts mortise and tenons. I've created the tenons on both ends of the skirts with the legs situated in the correct position. When changing to x-ray, to create the mortises, the view now changes to a view that makes it close to impossible to see the internal mortise, it is so faint.  I am not able to now draw the lines on the leg to be able to push/pull the mortise.  Is there a way to make the view of the internals more visible to the old eyes?

Thanks, GregV

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X ray vision (post #161652, reply #1 of 3)

There are two ways you can approach this. One way is to turn  off the x-ray view and using the orbit and zoom (scroll wheel driving) enter into the tenon board. Since the geometry is hollow you will get a very clear view of the outline of your tenon and you can just trace over this with either the rectangle or line tool. Make sure that the mortise board component is open for editing prior to entering into the tenon board.

The other way to do this is to open the tenon board component for editing and then select the outside face, right (context) click and choose Hide. This will hide the face giving you an unobstructed view of the inside of the tenon outline. You then have to close this component and open the leg/mortise component to create the mortise. You will only be able to restore the hidden face by opening the component back up for editing and then Unhide.

Hopefully this was clear to you. I always understand perfectly what I am saying.


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GregV: please have a look at (post #161652, reply #2 of 3)

GregV: please have a look at the blog entry at.....

There was a recent question on the same issue of seeing the tenon..... an answer by Dave Richards provided an option of using a slider bar to increase the visibility of non-opened components.


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Thanks for the help (post #161652, reply #3 of 3)

John and Tim, thanks for the information and link.  I appreciate everyones help here in Knots.