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Wood Grain

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Wood Grain (post #157401)

To All,

When using paint to add wood grain, how do I change the grain direction?


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Grain Direction (post #157401, reply #1 of 3)

To: bduffin 104

You may want to review entries in Design.Click. Build, for example at this URL There are several entries by Dave Richards and me on this subject. There are a couple ways to do the grain direction. Often, I save a texture with horizontal and vertical grain. Then pick the one that is applicable. However, there is another way where you use the texture editing tools to rotate the grain direction on the component.


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Thank you (post #157401, reply #2 of 3)

It's clear as mud now. but I'll fiddle with it. I'll let you know how I do.

Thanks, Bret

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Here's a link to the blog (post #157401, reply #3 of 3)

Here's a link to the blog post I did showing how I apply wood grain materials to components. There's a video demonstrating the process.

I prefer to apply the material directly to the faces so I have more control over their orientation and I only end up with a single image for each material. This for me is helpful because use material images of full size boards instead of the little square samples that are commonly used. My face grain materials are 8 to 14 feet long (the image I used in the blog post is only 30" long but that was just an example) and by applying the materials directly to faces, I can choose different parts of the image much as one would choose different parts of the same board. This option isn't available if you apply materials without opening the components for editing. It does take a little bit more time to do but I think it is time well spent.

Tim's method of applying materials is quick and easy. As with most things in SketchUp, there is more than one way to get the job done.