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Will Sketchup run on a Macbook Air?

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Has anyone run sketchup on a Macbook Air and if so are there any problems.  I'm considering buying the MAir but am concerned that the processor is not powerful enough.

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I think it will run on the (post #170792, reply #1 of 2)

I think it will run on the MacBook Air. I don't think the processor will be the problem but rather the GPU. You'd be better off with the 15 in. MacBook Pro with the nVidia chipset. It's more money but if SketchUp is an important tool, you're better off spending it up front than buying another computer in a short period of time. If your models are very simple and you don't use textures, you might be alright. I'd try to test one out somewhere first.

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I know this is probably a day (post #170792, reply #2 of 2)

I know this is probably a day late and a dollar short, but my answer would be a definitive YES, the macbook Air can run sketchup.  I am running it on a 5 year old mac laptop and an 8 year old pc desktop.  The specs for a current Air have to better than both of those by a longshot.  I hope you bought whatever you wanted, ANY apple product could handle problem.