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Where should I send a specific problem question re. Sketchup?

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Where should I send a specific problem question re. Sketchup? (post #169859)

Hi All..

I have a specific problem I need to resolve in a Sketchup plan I am working on.

I'm a "moderate beginner"  i.e. I understand a number of the basics but have miles to go.

 I can attach the model and then explain my problem. Should I do it here?

Or should I bother Dave Richards or Tim Killen? Do they accept boring emails from rookies?

Thanks for the guidance.


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Rich, Dave Richards and I (post #169859, reply #1 of 4)

Rich, Dave Richards and I like to respond to SketchUp issues whether they are here in this forum or in questions on the Design. Click. Build blog.


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Thanks! (post #169859, reply #3 of 4)

Awesome Tim.  Thank you.

I hope you don't take any offence from my comment about being "bored with rookies".

Its just that I consider you and Dave as professional authors and wasn't sure if you take the time to help out with such things.

I will attach the model and send my problem to your DCB blog.


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Rich, in addition to asking (post #169859, reply #2 of 4)

Rich, in addition to asking your question here or in the comments section of the blog, you could also e-mail us. My e-mail address is linked in my name at the end of each of my blog posts.

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Thanks Dave and Tim. So I'll post my problem here... (post #169859, reply #4 of 4)

There are two files attached of a frame I'm designing for a drafting table.  In "Draft 1", there are two components that have curved faces on them but where that curved face is actually missing.

The first piece is a strut that is on an angle and supports a vertical piece. I wanted to draw it so that it intersects with the face of the upright at one end and with the leg at the bottom.  These would eventually be tenoned into mortises in the two adjoining pieces (but I have not drawn in the tenons yet).  I got this piece rotated into position where I wanted it but in drawing it I lost the face on the curved (front) surface. (I can't actually recall how I got it into place to align with the adjoining faces, but I know I did not use the Follow Me tool.)  But I know that I did use the Scale and Move tools to get the ends where I wanted them. There is a similar problem at the bottom of the two legs.where the face is missing.

Now, after looking at one of your posts I understood better how the Follow Me tool worked.  So in "Draft 2" I built the piece again and used the Follow Me tool which left me with a curved face in tact.  But now I cannot rotate the strut so that the ends align with the adjoining faces.  Ive tried the Move and Scale tools but I end up with a distorted piece if I get the ends the way I want them.

I believe I am at the stage where I've learned just enough of SketchUp to get me well into trouble--but not nearly enough to get out!

Thanks for your help.