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Using Scenes

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Using Scenes (post #169613)

With scenes I can save different perspectives of a project and individual perspectives can have different styles.  But if I modify one scene, say by adding dimensions, that type of modification propagates through to all of the scenes.  Am I using scenes wrong trying to do that?  Should I be using Layers instead?

I'd like to be able to have both dimensioned and non-dimensioned views of a project and its components.



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Well, yes. You are using (post #169613, reply #1 of 3)

Well, yes. You are using scenes wrong. Or at least not thinking about them correctly. To simplify it, think of scenes as just different camera positions much like the cameras used during a football game. The dimensions you put in are like the stuff you've drawn in that they can be seen from any camera position. (This is extremely simplified because of course some cameras might not be pointed at where the dimensions are.) Switching from one scene to another just changes which camera is looking at the model.

So to have the dimensions show in some views but not others, you need to create layers for the dimensions and have them either turned off or on as needed for each scene. You would do the same for the components in your model as well. So if you have a table and you want to set up a scene to show the legs and aprons without the top, you would put the layer component onto a layer called Top. Then switch that layer's visibility off and create a scene or update the existing scene. There's a blog post I did about using scenes and layers. I'll get the link and add it.


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Just what I needed (post #169613, reply #3 of 3)

Thanks very much