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trouble installing plugins?

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I really injoy the tutorials and info that you post here. I'm very new to Sketchup. I bought Tim's book, which I think is great.

I'm having trouble extracting plugin files to the plugin folder in Win7 64bit home addition. I'm the only administrator on this system. I right clicked on the desktop icon for Sketchup and clicked "run as administrator". Still having an error message from Winzip about not being the administrator. Thought that someone might share some experience.

"They" are after me again! hahahhah! Can we drag and drop an extracted flie?

2nd question. Why are all of these programs set up to make us feel like "dumb asses"?




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Harry, I can't answer your (post #160701, reply #1 of 1)

Harry, I can't answer your second question unfortunately but I can answer your first. Did you read through what I wrote here?

In a nutshell, find the Plugins folder, right click on it and choose Properties. Then edit the Permissions to allow as shown in the screen shot at that link.

This is a Windows 7 security thing and not a SketchUp issue. I can see good things about the way Windows 7 sets folder permissions in the Program Files but it does seem to cause problems for folks who are not well versed in the ins and outs of the operating system. On the other hand, all operating systems have their quirks.