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Templates from SketchUp files saved as something other than *.skp

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I'd like to make a full-size template from a SketchUp drawing.  A number of posts describe how to print directly from native *.skp files using Camera, Parallel Projection, Standard View, and Print Preview settings.  But the computer from which I wish to print does not have SketchUp and I don't have the authority to install it.  Is there a file type to which I might "save as" that, when printed, will produce an accurate, scaled drawing?  Have tried *.jpg and *.pdf without success.  Any thoughts?

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Printing to Scale (post #167096, reply #1 of 1)

Perhaps the easiest option would be to get the pro version of SketchUp which includes LayOut. In LayOut you can create correctly scaled views from the SketchUp model and then export a PDF file that, when printed, will give you the template you are after. Of course the beauty of the PDF file is the ability to print it on any computer/printer and get consistent results.

Barring that, you would likely need to make your image export and insert that into some other application for printing. You would then need to be able to scale the image in that application to get the correct dimensions. If you include a couple of scales drawn in SketchUp (one vertical and one horizontal), you'll be able to measure the printed output to check the dimensions. You would likely need to do this resizing at the computer that is hooked up to the printer you'll be using if it is different than your own printer.

This might be a less expensive option for a few templates although you'll use up a few more trees and some printer ink. Of course, if your time is worth anything, you'll want to consider that, too. If you'd be making a lot of templates, you might find it is better to take the easier route.