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Sketchup Update

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Sketchup Update (post #179185)

When migrating to a newer version of sketchup pro is it sufficient to simply drag the older version to the trash bin or should a complete uninstall be preformed prior to the installation of the newer version. Mac OSX

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I keep 'old' Sketchup Make (post #179185, reply #1 of 2)

So I can't speak to the Pro version.

I keep the old version in a new Mac OS Application folder.

Belt & suspenders I guess but on the off-chanve the latest version has a bug or I just don't like it I have an immediate fallback.

Plus with Make when you save an old file under the new version it says that you now cannot open that file under the older version.  I have not had the occasion where I did not want that, but again all things are possible.


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Rob, the basic uninstall (post #179185, reply #2 of 2)

Rob, the basic uninstall method for applications on Mac OSX is to drag the application to the trash but there are some steps for cleaning up the little remains for which you can find instructions with a Google search. For example this.

As Forrest suggests, it's not a bad idea to keep the previous version around for awhile after updating. Make sure you've got all the assets you wish to keep copied over to the new version. The best plan for extensions is to always install fresh copies from the source rather than copying them but you can copy materials, styles and your default template if you made a custom one.

As for saving files. You can save back to an older version from a newer one by using File>Save as and changing the SketchUp version in the bottom of the Save window. I'm still saving the models that go with the digital plans back to SU8 for those who are still using that ancient version.