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SketchUp Power Tool parts?

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I just downloaded Sketchup and one of my first planned projects is to try and use it to re-arrange the layout of my shop. I seem to recall an issue of FWW where it was inferred there might be existing assemblies of power tools (e.g table saws, bandsaw, drill press) available for download. But I can't find the issue. If anybody knows of a source for these I would appreciate referal to the source, as well as any existing templates for shop layout. My shop is about 18' x 20'

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Bill, you can search the 3D (post #160346, reply #1 of 1)

Bill, you can search the 3D Warehouse and find all sorts of power tools and other shop-related components. Go to Window>Components and in the text line where you see "Google", type in your search terms. You'll see thumbnail images of the components displayed in the window below the search line. Click on the component you'd like to use and it will be downloaded into your model. Click in the drawing window to insert the component.

A few years ago John Yurko did an article on shop layout and offered some components which you can get from his website. I think you'll find many more on the 3D Warehouse.