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Sketchup Guide for Woodworkers Ch 7 help

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I have been following the guide so far with no problems.  I am now having trouble editing the parts in this chapter.  I have drawn the sides, top, and bottom.  All have been made components.  When I then try to create the tongue & groove joints, that is the issue.  I am able to create the guide lines and remove the waste.  At least I think I am removing the waste!.  There is no hole showing through the model, but I can extend the shape out.  Then, when I go to edit the side, I am not able to select just the tongue.  I have drawn the lines around the tongue, but am not able to select just that part of the model.  Any advise, or more details about where to drawn the lines would be appreciated.  Thanks.


I was not able to attach my .skp file, but will gladly email it to you if that may help.

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Kennyoe87: I will show you a (post #170580, reply #1 of 3)

Kennyoe87: I will show you a reference blog here in Design. Click. Build. that shows you how to do the tongue and groove joints on the magazine cabinet.

This reference has several blog locations for more information and videos. One is specifically for the tongue and groove joints.

I think your issues have to do with the handling of "Components". You need to be sure to open the Component for editing before making changes to the Side.

Let me know if this does not help you.


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Great resource (post #170580, reply #2 of 3)

Thanks for the info and I was able to create the tongue and groove joints.  The ebook does not reference editing a component for the top piece.  It makes perfect sense now!  I was sure that would be an easy fix.  Thanks again and I will check that resource again in the future.

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KennyJoe87: as you continue (post #170580, reply #3 of 3)

KennyJoe87: as you continue through the chapters, let me know if you run into a stumbling block....

You can also send me attachment SketchUp files at my email.