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sketchup component is hollow instead of solid

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I am new to sketchup and am trying to follow a table drawing demonstration on a DVD. The table aprons are of two different lengths. The short apron is defined as a component and when push/pull is used to increase the apron length, I discovered that the apron is hollow instead of solid. Consequently, I can't grab the "end" of the apron to stretch it. Any idea how my apron ended up being hollow instead of solid. The way I can tell that it is hollow is when I rotate the apron such that you are looking along the long axis, you see white space at the opposite end.

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All the 3D geometry in (post #170207, reply #1 of 3)

All the 3D geometry in SketchUp is hollow. I assume from your description, your apron component is just missing a face. Assuming the edges around the missing face are coplanar, you should be able to trace one edge with the Line tool and the face should be created or "healed" in SketchUp-speak. If it's not that, I would want to see your model.


You say you see white space at the end. What color is the outside of the apron?



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Hollow vs Solid Objects in SketchUp (post #170207, reply #2 of 3)

I'm new to Sketchup and having the same problem.  I'm making a side panel for a cabinet that began as a solid and has a complex shape and a curved section.  I was adding the holes for the shelf pegs in the design and when I orbited around to the other side of the board, it had become a hollow object.  What key strokes messed this up and how can I recover? I don't want to try the technique of healing that you recommended because that shape took a long time to create and I can't replicate it. 

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It's kind of hard to say (post #170207, reply #3 of 3)

It's kind of hard to say exactly what happened without seeing the SketchUp model. It could be that you just inadvertently erased an edge that was needed. How did you go about adding the holes for the shelf pegs?


Maybe this blog post would help?