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SketchUp 8

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SketchUp 8 (post #156241)

Just a quick note to mention that SketchUp 8 has been released (both free and pro). Some new, cool stuff. I plan to do some blog posts on DCB about new features. Tim Killen probably will, too.

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curves (post #156241, reply #1 of 2)

Now if they would just make a large radius a true radius and not polygons..... I will be trying it out this weekend. 

We use this a lot these days to illustrate our ideas for our clients. I have used it for cabinet layouts as well, but have not used it for construction drawings. Of course, I use the free version....

Thanks for the headsup!


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Curves (post #156241, reply #2 of 2)

Morgan, the curves thing was brought up as a request yesterday in a brainstorming session for SU9. Until that happens, you can always increase the number of segments you use if you want a smoother looking curve. I would also suggest reducing the number for small radius curves such as round overs. Three segments is generally enough for those.