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Round over of inside edges...argh

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You can see below, I have a simple box with some handhold.  My issue is with showing a roundover on the edges of the handholds.  I like to show something like a 3/16" or 1/8" round over.  I have not tried to use the follow me tool on it because I don't have an "end" to draw my profile.  (don't know how accurate a statment that is.)  What I have tried is the RoundCorner plugin from Fredo6.  But when I do it, it basically just fills in the opening.  Nothing seems to get rounded over.  What is the correct way of doing this simple task...(at least I hope it's simple,)

Thanks!  Jer



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You don't say what it is (post #171176, reply #1 of 2)

You don't say what it is about using the Round Corners plugin that didn't work. It works for me, though. That's how I made the round over on the component in the back left. The plugin does tend to skin over holes but you can easily delete the skin.

In the center I've set up to do the same round overs using Follow Me. You don't need and end for that to work. Just place the profile on the edge and run it around. I deleted the face on the middle thing so you can see where the profiles are but there's no need to do that in practice. They're probably hard to see but I put them at the midpoint along the bottom edge.

If you try to use too many segments in the arc you'll wind up with a gap instead of a surface due to SketchUp's inability to fill in tiny faces. I used 6 segments in both roundovers which is certainly more than enough for no bigger than they are.

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Dave, you rock (post #171176, reply #2 of 2)

Once again, you've come through with the simple solution.  I don't know why I was having troubles.  When I deleted the face, it was deleting part of the side too.  I am guessing maybe because I was trying to do both faces at the same time? (Why I didn't try one at a time, instead of 20 attempts of the same thing....who knows.  I beilive that is the definition of insane...well, that would be me at that point.  Maybe I just needed to take a step back and go with a fresh mind.)  And a fresh cup of coffee!  Doesn't matter now.  I have re-tried round corners, (1 face at a time) and it works.  Delete the face and viola!  pretty little roundovers.  Then, per your clues in the middle sample, I sucessfully did it using follow me.  A little encouragement and a step in the right direction was all I needed!

Thanks again Dave.