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Question about dimensions

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If I make a mistake in the length of a component, i.e. the side of a piece, and put the joinery at the ends before I realize my error, how do I change the length without rescaling or messing with the joinery that I have already completed? Than you to anyone who can help.

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John, place a guideline at (post #169671, reply #1 of 4)

John, place a guideline at the desired length of the component. With the Select Tool, draw a left to right select box around the end of the side component. Make sure to include all of the joinery in the selection. Now pick the Move/Copy Tool and click on the end of the component. Move the mouse in direction of the stretch. Click an Arrow Key to force the movement on the proper axis. Click the mouse on the guideline to stop the stretch.


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You can see in motion what (post #169671, reply #2 of 4)

You can see in motion what Tim described in the video attached to this blog post  Modifying a Model although I didn't use a guideline because I had something else in the model to use as a reference for the stopping point.

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Thanks very much to both of (post #169671, reply #3 of 4)

Thanks very much to both of you. At least it wasn't so obvious that I feel stupid!

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John, I'm glad that got you (post #169671, reply #4 of 4)


I'm glad that got you sorted out. You're correct that it isn't entirely obvious when you first look at it. Many folks would head for the Scale tool only to find out that scaling not only changes the overall length (or width or height) but also the length of the details. So using Scale to increase the length of a rail with tenons on the ends would increase the length of the tenons, too. That most likely not what you'd want.

Move comes in very handy for this stuff. You can also move things like holes or other geometry elements in a component to make needed changes. Just rememner to control the selection and get only those things that need to move or you'll distort the component faster than a 40-grit sanding disk on balsa.