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Looking for a particular plan

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My son is about to make me a grandfather for the first time and he and his wife have requested a crib from my shop.  There is particular model that I'm going to use for inpiration and, before I start from scratch, I'm wondering if anyone has a Sketchup model created for an Oeuf Sparrow crib?  There is one in the warehouse but the dimensions aren't even close (feet vs inches) although it does give me some good ideas.

Thanks in advance!


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The dimensions are indeed off (post #170023, reply #1 of 1)

The dimensions are indeed off but they are easily fixed. The model's got plenty of other problems, too. If you can wait a little bit I'll fix it for you. E-mail me at drkr4109 at so I know where to send it.


It was quickly fixed although I didn't bother with the joinery. That won't take much either, though.

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