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Lap Desk in SketchUp

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Lap Desk in SketchUp (post #159076)

The new Christian Becksvoort lap desk project was only online for a matter of days, when David Heim emailed me with a revamped SketchUp version of the desk.

David edited Tim Killen’s brand new SketchUp book and has been an avid fan of the software ever since he edited Killen’s first article for FW on the topic (or at least I think that’s when he started dabbling with it...)

David updated the design to fit his 15-in. MacBook Pro. While he was at it, he tweaked the drawer and the partition layout Chris Becksvoort's lap-desk project is terrific.

“It may appear fussier than Becksvoort's original, but it gives me space for documents, the power cord, pens and pencils, a mouse, even my iPod and earbuds. It doesn't show in the sketch, but I think I'd use rare earth magnets, buried in the wood and covered with thin plugs, to hold the top closed.”

With David’s permission, I’m sharing the SketchUp plan with all of you.

Online members can learn more about the project in this series of three online articles on the topic. They can also download a copy of Becksvoort’s original plan.

And... while I’m on the subject, what do you folks think of the project? Would you ever (or have you ever) built a lap desk?

There was some editorial back and forth about how interested people would be in this. I, for one, thought the inkwell was pretty cool. It also seems like a unique holiday gift idea.

But... on the other hand, lap desks/writing desks are a little passé...

What do you think?

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lap desks (post #159076, reply #1 of 2)

While lap desks may be a little nostalgic, aren't most woodworkers a little passé?  ;-)

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You're right... the craft is (post #159076, reply #2 of 2)

You're right... the craft is all about the old fashioned way!