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Keyboard Shortcuts

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I am hoping to start a discussion with people who have modified or added to SketchUp's native keyboard shortcuts. I have found keyboard shortcuts to be useful at increasing the speed of modeling. When I upgraded to SU 2015, I lost all of my shortcuts so I am looking to start fresh. Does anybody know if saving a template includes the shortcuts one has added? What are your favorites? Do you think shortcuts tend to be faster than toolbars? Thanks for your input.

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Keyboard shortcuts are indeed (post #179640, reply #1 of 2)

Keyboard shortcuts are indeed a good way to speed up your work. 

Did you uninstall a previous version before installing SU2015? If not, it should stuill be there. On the PC you can export a file that contains all of your custom keyboard shortcuts. There's an Export button under Preferences>Shortcuts. Keep track of where you save that file and then, in SU2015 import that file.

Shortcuts are not part of your template,nor are toolbar location.



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Dave, thanks for the reply. I (post #179640, reply #2 of 2)

Dave, thanks for the reply. I stumbled upon your design click build forum and noticed you have already posted on the topic. I plan to share my shortcuts there.