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Google SketchUp Question

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I am building a Tall Chest of Drawers. I have a detailed paper drawing plan but I am modeling the chest in SketchUp to improve my SketchUp abilities. The chest of drawers has feet upon which the case sits. The front feet consists of an assembly of two pieces that are mitered together. The rear feet are similar execpt for method of joinery. They use dovetails for their joinery construction.

With the background established, I will get to my question. I do not have specific dimensions for the series of arcs and ogee curves that create the design for each foot. The foot detail on my paper plan says to draw a grid with 1/2" squares and then sketch the curves on the grid pattern as is shown on the plan to create a pattern to transfer the foot design to the wood.

Thanks for your suggestions.


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So, Your Question Is.... (post #158871, reply #1 of 1)

How do I do that in SketchUp?

You could create a 1/2 in. grid of lines in Sketchup make that grid a component or group and then use that as a background over which you'll draw the edges for the legs. You could also make that grid using guidelines.

An alternative would be to scan the paper drawing and save it as an image on your computer. You could then import that image with Use as Image ticked. This will give you something over which to trace the edges. This works quite well when the original drawing is scaled correctly. It creates more trouble than it is worth when the drawing isn't scaled properly.

For ideas, take a look at this blog post: