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Export a part of sketchup file to the viewer

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I have drawn many variations of a table for a client. I want to send each table seperately so she can view them. I am using Dropbox which makes it easy for the client to get to all of the files. I am using the free version 8 of SU. I have tried making scenes and exporting as dae file which the viewer doesn't  like.




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Tom, what viewer are you (post #171062, reply #1 of 5)

Tom, what viewer are you referring to? The SketchUp viewer? If so, it opens SKP files so you can just upload the SKP file you saved for your project. You can create scenes that show each of the versions so your client can click through the scene tabs to see the different versions of the table.

Take a look at this blog post. In it I show how to create scenes showing different material options but the same process could be applied to variations such as different legs or different apron options.

Do you need the client to be able to orbit around and look at the model from different points of view? Or would it be better to show her simple image files? I tend to prefer using images instead of the model. Especially if the client is a potential customer. Giving them the model makes it easier for them to shop your design to someone else.

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Viewer (post #171062, reply #2 of 5)

I am using sketchup viewer. I have no problem with sharing my plans with my client, unfortunately they aren't earth  shattering.  So, there is no way to export out a part of a skp. model? I am familiar with scenes but I don't want the client to get confused with all of my trials and mistakes.  I current export 2D models but am frustrated by the client not being able to see the plan in 3D.


Have you ever heard of or used Sketchfab?


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Work around (post #171062, reply #3 of 5)

I just cut and paste the table I want into a new SU file. It is a hassle but works. Maybe in some future version they will have this feature.


Thanks, I thought I was missing something that seems simple and intuitive:)

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You could simply delete the (post #171062, reply #4 of 5)

You could simply delete the elements you don't want to share and use the Save As... option to save as a new file. Or you could make copy and paste. I've never heard of anyone wanting to do what you are doing they way you are doing it.

As for sketchfab, I have heard of it and checked it out. Haven't used it, though. Most of the models I create don't get shared. At least not that way so I haven't really any need for the service. I don't send models to my clients. I only send them images or PDFs

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Viewer (post #171062, reply #5 of 5)

Just heard back from my client and she was estatic about being able to view the table in 3D.


I forgot about the Save As way of doing it. Both ways work.

Sketchfab looks like a way to embed a model into a web page, not what I am looking for this time.