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Dividing a component

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Dividing a component (post #156201)

I am building a small box using the cut off the top method.  In SU, I am working with a side that is a component with 2 instances.  I want to mitre the ends and cut grooves for the bottom and the top panel.  Then I want to divided the top 1/2 inch from the bottom 2 1/2 inches and then join the mitres for both the top and the box itself.  I have tried placing a rectangle in the side 1/2 inch from the top, intersecting and then trying unsuccesfully to move it away.  Doesn't work.  Any help will be appreciated.  I can always make the top parts separately, but would prefer working on all four sides and then dividing the top pieces.  Thanks for any help.  Jerry Robinson

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Hi Jerry, There are a (post #156201, reply #1 of 1)

Hi Jerry,

There are a couple of ways I can think of to do this. Keep in mind that none of them are really very close to the process you would use in the shop.

1. Place the cutting plane as you've done and run the Intersect. Delete the cutting plane where it extends beyond the vertical faces. Then select the geometry above the cutting plane.  Make sure to select the cutting plane as well. Use a left to right selection box so you select only the upper part. Use Move/Copy and copy the selection up perhaps 2". The distance isn't critical but move the copy some distance you can remember and get it away from the original. Delete the original geometry above the cut line,

Make a component of the top geometry. At this stage you'll have a nested component and a bunch of loose geometry, the bottom part of the box side. You can either make the lower geometry into a component or cut (Edit>Cut, Ctrl-X, etc.) the upper component, close the box side component and use Edit>Paste in Place to put the upper component in place. Move it as desired to place it on top of the box.

That sounds a lot harder than it is once you do it.

2. If the groove on the top and bottom are the same, I might opt for this method. Cutting plane and Intersect as you've done. Delete the stuff above the cutting plane and the unneeded part of the cutting plane. Close the component for editing. Move/Copy the box side component up. Actually select both the front and back or left and right ends and copy both up. With both new copies selected, right click on one and choose Make Unique. Then right click again and choose Flip>Along Blue Direction. Edit the flipped components and use Push/Pull to push the now bottom edges up toward the top 2 inches.

Move the components down onto the lower parts to put them in place.

I hope that helps. When I get back from SketchUp 3D Basecamp, I'll do up a demo if it would help.