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3D to 2D Projections

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3D to 2D Projections (post #178362)

I'm designing a bar stool that has compound bends in the seat. Is there an extension for SketchUp that takes a 3D object and projects it to 2D (think a basketball projected so the 2D pieces can be stitched to form a 3D sphere)? Not sure what the correct terminology for this is. I'd like to use a CNC machine to fabricate the bending form and then use the CNC to fabricate the projections (or patterns),

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I'd use Didier Bur's (post #178362, reply #1 of 2)

I'd use Didier Bur's Projections extension. Get the current version here.


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Try this extension: (post #178362, reply #2 of 2)

You will bw able to generate 2d views from 3d model insede sketchup and export to dxf