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RC 33 thickness planer

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I have a 13 inch rockwell planer ( rc 33 ) which I purchased in 1981. It has given me excellent service. periodically I remove and sharpen the blades, then there is several hours in resetting the blades to the same height. I find that the the blade height setting tool is very unsatisfactory and have talked to delta to see if there is a betterr system . they said there is but it's about $300.00 . So I spend the several hours. After I adjust with the setting tool, I check with a dial indicator from bed to spindle and to each blade. It works but it's slow going. I suspect others have had similar experiences and probably have devised a better proceedure. would appreciate any comments-constructive or otherwise. thanx  uhoh. 

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The mag-set is one way to go. I have a sort of channel base and indicator that allows me to set knives off the head and I can change a set of knives in less than half an hour on a 24" machine with 4 knives and be within .0005". But I also work on machines for part of my livlihood so I wouldn't expect most folks to do it as fast. I find as long as you get it within a few thousandth's it's fine. As soon as you start running wood it starts to change the knive edge anyway. Going off the table to check the knife is the hardest way to go. Always reference off the cutter head itself.

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thanx rick. I do reference all knife settings to the head. the setting tool that came with the planner saddles the 2.95 inch head with .25 inch feet  machined to the head diameter. the gauge portion of the tool ( I think it's .044 ") is offset about .25 " and it's verry difficult to keep the gauge sollidly on the head without rocking. I was hoping that someone had come up with a jig such as you describe for the 13" delta planer. I'm retired and have plenty of time ( I hope ) so your comment will give me an interesting project.  thanx.  Uh0h

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Then why are you measuring from the table to the knife? You should only have to occasionally check the height of the head in reference to the table from right to left for parallel. Those gauges that come with those machines are probably within .005" if you fuss a bit and should be no real issue. A 13" planer should take hardly anytime to change the knives. Get the mag set for $75 dollars. What kind of setting gauge was Delta recommending for $300?????????????  My gauge can be made from some scrap channel and a $12 indicator with a 1/2" button tip.  The stock indicator tips are useless for most set ups of wood tooling. Indicators are available from places like  The standard indicator base is pretty much useless for the most part as well.

My gauge does  what all three Nortfield gauges do.