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DeWalt DW746 Table Saw

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I am just new on here -- and impressed!  I am considering the purchase of the DeWalt DW746 Hybrid Table Saw and looking for updated info on the quality of this saw -- good, bad and ugly.  I read the reviews in issue#167 of Fine Woodworking and of those saws described it looks to be an excellent choice.  I am currenlty using a 40 year old Crafstman 10 inch contractor style saw and want an overall upgrade.  Please let me know your recommendation on this or other choices.

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Sid, If you are just looking for a replacement for your current saw and don't expect any great differences then either the DeWalt or the Jet Hybrids can be a nice choice. Neither of these saws are going to be that big of a change for you since they are still basically a contractors saw where the trunion is suspended from the table. The difference in the hybrids is not much more than the moving of the motor from the rear (pendulum style) to the side. Talking about better fence systems, etc., is moot since you can upgrade your current saw and achieve that.

If you are looking for a better saw then the next logical step for you is a fixed base cabinet saw where the trunion and the motor are mounted to the cabinet via heavy cast iron. The table then sits on top of all that and is usually heavy cast iron also.

As an example, My father has a Craftsman contractors saw, circa 1950. It served him well for many years. Recently, for his birthday, I upgraded it with new trunion bearings, a Delta/Biesmeyer fence system, a Baldor motor and a Forest II woodworker blade. The saw cuts as well as any of the new contractor saws out there. It's no cabinet saw by any means but it is better now than when it was new.


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Tool Guy, Thanks a lot for your input regarding the DeWalt DW746 table saw -- I really appreciate it and it is something I will definitely consider before buying a new saw.  .......  - Sid -


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Delta has recently introduced (in Canada, at least) their version of a hybrid saw. I've felt it up several times and it looks to be a very well made unit. The fence is smooth and very solid, with little or no deflection at the back of the fence. The price in Canada is $899, which equates to approximately $700 US. Delta is also offering an 18V drill as an incentive. I've been seriously considering replacing my old, highly tweaked Craftsman but haven't been able to quite pull the trigger yet.

Look around carefully, and don't rush into anything. You'll probably be living with whatever you buy for a long time, so you might as well enjoy the decision process.



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Where did you get this pic I can't find this saw anywhere and would like to price it.

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We already have enough youth, how about a fountain of smarts.
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I pulled it off Delta's website.

Go to Search, enter 36-655 and then select the PDF English manual. I pulled the JPG off the cover page.

This saw has been available in Canada since November, and usually sells out shortly after each shipment hits the stores. It appears to be a great saw for the money, but I haven't seen any reviews on it yet. I don't know why Delta doesn't show it directly on their website... perhaps they're testing the market by letting the picky Canadians try it!

It's a 1 3/4 HP unit just like the Dewalt and Jet saws, but seems to have a much better fence. The miter gauge assembly seems cheaply made, but at least it has a sliding stop. YMMV.



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thanks for the manual for the delta, I emailed them when you posted earlier about this saw and they flat out denied they were even thinking about a hybrid saw.  What I can't figure is why go to the trouble of a whole new design and make it right tilt?  The fence does look nice.  I'd be very surprised if this debuts in the US at much less than $899 usd, the competition is priced right about there when you look at two steel wing units. 

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It's strange that Delta would deny the existence of this saw, especially since they include a manual for it in both English and French! I also sent an E-mail to Delta in late March asking them when backordered units would be shipped to Canada. They responded by saying that 200 units were scheduled to arrive in early April, and another shipment would arrive by Mid-May. I'm guessing that we're a tech market for their newly minted MBAs who haven't realized that Canadians have access to the Internet!

Maybe I should go out and buy one before they raise the price!



BTW, the right tilt bothered me as well. Why go to all the expense of engineering and marketing what is essentially a new saw, and ignore the market for left tilt?

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I looked around before picking the Dewalt 746. I picked the "kit" with the long rails and sliding table. Thia saw has worked beautifully. Its a little on the heavy side when it arrives so help is needed to move it into place. all the factory installed items were dead on. I spent an evening assembling all the extras, 52" rails(50" is usable) sliding table (so nice to have) As with any item some things could be improved. The fence is single sided but this does mean you can install "home made" fences or have the fence hard on the table. I changed the lock nuts for the guard to wing nuts for easy install and remove. The included blade is very nice and cuts for a long time. Zero clearence inserts I made from 1/2 corian off cuts.  I would buy again. look around for pricing I got 10% off at the time.

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Even though the cabinet saw guys will tell you to buy a cabinet saw, I am very, very pleased with my DeWalt.  I have the cast iron sliding table (I cann't find a cabinet saw with one integrated into it) and I love it.  I have had it for 2 years and have not had a speck of trouble, nor have I had to make any alignment adjustments, etc.

I would buy it again!


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I also have the Dewalt 746 and am really pleased with it. Upgraded from the 744 and what a difference. I got the cast iron extension tables and 30" fence but not the sliding table. My saw is integrated into a 7' X 8' work table which gives me enough room to work with large sheets.

I too have had no trouble with it and would buy again.

Getting it down the cellar steps to the shop was a bit of a chore but setting it up wasn't too difficult but did take longer than I thought it would.

The dust collection connection is only 2.5" but I recently hooked it up to a 1.5 HP portable dust collector and it is working just fine.


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Hi Sid and welcome! It's very likely that you will like the vast majority of saws in this price range. That said, while I realize many 746 owners like their saw, IMHO it doesn't offer as much value as some other choices in that price range. As has alreay been mentioned, there are a couple of full cabinet saws in the same price range that should handily outperform and outlast the contractor saws or hybrids. If the 220v requirements of a cabinet saw are out of the question, I also don't think that either the DW or Jet hybrids offer as good a fence as comes stock on any comparably priced contractor saw, and the fence is one of THE most important aspects of a good saw. The better contractor saws also offer cast iron wings. The hybrid will have better DC and will take up a slightly smaller footprint.

FWIW - In Finewoodworking's 2004 Tools and Shops Issue, the picked the General International 50-185M1 ($650) #1 over the DW746 ($850).

Just my 2 cents....Good luck with your purchase.

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Sid - I've had my DW746 about 3 months now.  I looked hard at the General that won highest marks in the FWW review, but it was hard to locate (5 hour drive to nearest dealer).   The money was burning a whole in my pocket the DW was locally available.  The 746 went together well, and as others have notes, was dead one out of the box.  I not bogged it down to date with any cut.  The fence slides  staying parrallel to the blade, without waggle, so what you measure is what you get when you lock down - no more bump and tighten, then bump and tighten again, and so on.  Fence locks tight without deflection.  Smaller footprint is important in my garage shop, and there is no doubt but that the dust collection is better than an open backed cabinet saw.  I haven't used a lot of cabinet saws, so I cannot compare directly, but I can tell you that I have been pleased with the DW 746.  Good luck which ever way you go.

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... and another thing, the 746 LOOKs so cool!

I'd a bought one, but they're not available in New Zealand.

... so then I asked about other slide table saws, was pointed in the direction of the Euro saw species, and have ended up buying a Minimax!

Sticker shock is the main problem!

I collect it next week

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If you have a Lowe's in your area, call and ask when the next 20% sale on this tool will be held.  In my area (SW Ohio) HD was having an advertised sale; unofficially Lowe's would match their percentage off any tool.  HD didn't carry the DW 746 but Lowe's did.  At $899 the saw isn't much of a bargain, but at $720 it started looking pretty good.

When I went to pick it up, the saleperson told me they don't sell 3 of these saws a year.  Call and see if you can take one off their hands at the sale price.