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Mortise-How Deep?

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Hey gang,

How deep should a mortise be if I am using some 1x4 oak boards? I am going to manufacture my mortise and tenon joints using A router and table saw. I am making A simple door front for a cabinet.

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Big D,

I like to cut my mortises all the way through.  I've seen too many cabinet doors built with stub mortise and tenons twist out of shape, and then you've got nothing but firewood.  Go to Home Depot or the like and see what happens to their cabinet doors.


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I usually make my tenons 1-1/4" to 1-1/2" long when the stiles are 2-1/4" wide. This leaves room for a lip of 3/8" if I go that way. This was the dimension we used to make them in cabinet class years and years ago.

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This answers all your questions and probably others you may not have thought of. Good article that I refer my students to for an assignment:

Cheers, eddie