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Arbor and bearing unit

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I am looking for an arbor and bearing unit for a Craftsman 103 series table saw.  I have been able to locate several for the 113 series.  Does anyone know if the unit for the 113 series is compatible with the 103 series?

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An arbor from a 103 saw won't fit a model 113 saw, they were made by two different manufacturers (the first three digits of the Craftsman model number indicate the manufacturer).

I have three of the 103 model saws, one restored, two are for parts, so I can probably supply an arbor for your saw. The saws are stored in another state but I can get to them over Thanksgiving. Cost will be nominal, beer money and shipping. I'm in Vermont, the saws are in Connecticut, if you are near either location you could pick up the part.

John White

John White Shop Manager for FWW Magazine, 1998 to 2007

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go to e-bay...... almost every week, you can find a seller of the intire innards of the 103 saw .. type in "Craftsman Saw" and you'll be amazed. I've purchased two arbors this way... currently, I've got a machinest trying to figure out how to remove the bearing from the arbor.. I had a machine shop using a hydraulic press who could not separate the two ???

Good luck

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I'm in Connecticut and looked at the saws I have.

A few questions:

Do you still need the arbor assembly?

If you still need it, I could use a few details about the saw you have. The two saws I have are slightly different vintages. I suspect that the arbor assembly is the same in both of them, but I might as well take the part from the saw that is the closest match to yours.

So I need the model number of your saw, 103. something. Two other details will help. What is the color of your saw? The older ones were painted blue, the later models were painted gray. If your saw has the front rail for the fence, is it a round bar, a flat bar, or a U shaped channel?

Just out of curiosity, why do you need the arbor? On all three saws I have, the arbor bearings seem to be in perfect shape.

Reply to me using the Reply button at the bottom of this page, if you e-mail me I won't get the message until I get back to Vermont.

Thanks, John

John White Shop Manager for FWW Magazine, 1998 to 2007

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The model # is 103.22161.  The unit is battleship gray and the front bar is a U shaped channel to accept the fence.

I bought this saw at a garage sale and it was/is in fair shape.  Not much use in the two decades prior to my purchase and not much care either.  Several parts are severely worn and close to failure.  Thought it best to repair/replace prior to getting into a job and having it break.

Just let me know what the shipping costs are going to be and I will get payment to you right away.

I hope that you and your family have a happy and safe Thanksgiving.  Thank you again for all of the assistance.