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Removing linseed oil from floorboards

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Having just stained the boards with linseed oil and allowed it to dry for two weeks, I think the stain is too dark. Therefore please tell me how to lighten the wood or remove the linseed oil. Thanks very much!

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You are going to have to sand them, I'm afraid. And to make matters worse, the linseed oil will continue to get darker over time. I rather like linseed oil myself, but if you want a lighter finish that does not color the wood you'll probably need to use a polyurethane varnish.

I don't see any other remedy other than sanding the floors and starting completely over..........

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Hi Mandy:

Yep, CS is right. Linseed oil reacts as it 'dries', so that the stuff on the floor is now a different substance then the stuff in the can. (The conversion of one to another is what generates the heat which occasionally causes the finishing rags to burst into flames...) Unfortunately, the stuff on the floor is not soluble in any solvent that I know of.

Look at the bright side: learning to refinish a floor is a very marketable skill! <:)


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Linseed Oil? I bought a park bench (new) and it recommended using linseed oil to treat the wood to protect it from the weather. After 2 coats, the wood is still sticky after 2+days of drying. Will it stay this way? Also, can I use a polyurethane finish or some other clear coat type finish?