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Plans for building a painter's easel

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Hi Gary


Could someone please help. Looking for a plan to construct a painter's easle (easel) not sure of the spelling. Refering to a stand which artists use when constructing a painting in their studio. I have searched the projects folder but toi no avail. Could you please help and perhaps direct me to the appropriate issue number or other means to locate a plan. Have all issues of FWM except between issues90 - 120.


Looking forward to hear from you soon





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I found several easal plans online

If you have one in mind...I try and reverse engineer it for you with sketch up if you have a pic and just a couple basic dimensions i.e height depth.

Hope this helps

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Having looked into the easel I discorvered that google sketch up has a number of plans and 3d diagrams in the model section.

If you haven't used sketchup...get's becoming as invaluable as my combintation square.