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How to straighten a warped board

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Happy New Year!!!
I brought a beautiful piece of curly Koa from Hawaii to Oregon. It is 4/4 stock, about 10" wide and 40" long. I want to resaw 4 pieces of veneer for a sofa table top. Before I was able to cut the wood, it lost it's Hawaiin water content causing it to cup and twist severely. If I flatten with conventional jointer processes, there may not be enough material left for the 4 veneers that I need. Is it possible to wrap the board in wet towels and apply clamping pressure over time to gradually flatten the board, then cut the veneers before it dries again? If water soaking is a viable option, do you know how long I should expect this to take?
Thanks for any assistance.

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Ah the beauty of wood. Well unfortunately, your guess is as good as mine on this. I'd try just wetting it down and putting under some weights. Maybe some cinder blocks. Keep it stickered both top and bottom and keep it wet and under pressure. Give that a week or so and see if you get lucky. It's hard to say if that wood, gorgeous as it is, will want to go back to straight. Straight and flat may not be its normal state. My only suggestion is just wet it down at first, don't soak it. I see no advantage there unless your band saw can handle green wood. Good luck.

Gary Rogowski

Gary Rogowski Director, The Northwest Woodworking Studio A School for Woodworkers, Portland, OR

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Hi Gary,

Thanks for the reply and the info. I saw your answer to the fellow who built the Federal Card Table. You told him to wet the cupped side of the board. I think I'll start out with that approach, under weights, and see what happens. I'm getting ready to leave on an extended trip, so it may have to wait until May. Regardless, I'll let you know how it turns out.

Thanks again.