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Attaching a pedestal table top

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I'm building a 42" diameter pedestal cherry kitchen table.
The top is 1 1/4" thick and the pedestal column is six inches around and the base legs span 29". My plan is to attach the top to the column by first attaching two 18x4x1" cleats to the column in and "x" pattern with 7" bolt. Then attach the cleats with 4-6 screws with appropriate expansion/contraction spacing for the screws to the top.
Question: Should the cleats be bigger or even smaller. Or try a different cleat strategy

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Thanks for the inquiry.

I am forwarding it Gary Rogowski.



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I would put on more cleats to hold the top flat running them cross grain. These can just be screwed on in the same fashion as you suggest allowing for expansion and contraction.

Don't know about that 7" bolt since I don't know what the pedestal base looks like. But if you like it, put it on and see how sturdy it is. One bolt might not be sufficient to prevent twisting. Two or even three might work out better. Good luck.

Gary Rogowski

Gary Rogowski Director, The Northwest Woodworking Studio A School for Woodworkers, Portland, OR