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Removing black water stains from oak

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Dear Mr. Gedrys,

I am refinishing an old quarter sawn oak table. There was a large plant sitting on it which leaked, ruined the coating, and stained the wood black in spots. I haven't found a way to remove those stains. Do you know how I could get those black stains out of the wood or are they there permanently?

Thanks in advance,

Don Rietsch

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Try Oxycilic Acid. Your local hardware store may carry it in powder form, or you can order Liberon's version from Woodcraft Online at this address: . Mix the powder with water and be sure to apply liberally at first. You don't want to over bleach the stain.

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J. Fred,

Thanks. I ordered some oxycilic acid from Woodcraft. It should be here in a few days. I'll post how it works out on this site.

Don Rietsch
Howell, MI

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Lemon on stain (post #126322, reply #4 of 4)

Try rubbing lemon on that stain. I hope this will rinsed off the stain. Lemon or citric acid is the powerful stain remover. But be sure to check rubbing lemon at the inner portion of your cloth first to check it cleansing the color or not. samsung washer reviews

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If you use oxalic acid; mix it into warm water.

You can apply it to the ring with a small brush to keep it localized. You'll find it will probably need to be done a couple of times to get the proper results.

If you are able to get it to lighten up, you'll see that it is now an eyesore in a different way.

Two things to consider; give the entire top a wash with the acid once and then rise it with plenty of clear water afterwards. This will help unify the color.

Or, if you are talented with color, you can lightly bring it back up to match the surrounding area.

No matter what you do when you sand the area you have bleached, be sure and wear a dust mask. It can be a very stinging affair to your nose if you don't.

Good luck.