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single vs dual bevel miter saws

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Can you explain the diffeerence between a single bevel and a dual bevel compound miter saw?  I am just begining in the woodworking hobby and i am comparing the Dewalt DW 715 and the Bosch 3912 single bevel saws.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks

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The blade on a single-bevel miter saw can only be tilted in one direction, whereas a double-bevel miter saw can be tilted in both directions to give you more cutting flexibility.

The key giveaway is the fence along the back of the saw. On a single-bevel miter saw, the left side of the fence has the corner cut away to account for left-tilting miter cuts. On a double-bevel, both the left and right fence have the corner cut away since it cuts miters in two directions.

- MB

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