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Looking For Equipment Manuals

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Hi. I am a new teacher in a high school shop and am teaching construction/ woodworking. The shop I "inherited" has no manuals for any of the aging equipment. Does anyone know where I might find manuals for any of the following?

  • 20" L'invincible SCM S50 Planer

  • 12" L'invincible Jointer F3a

  • Rockwell Table saw Cat. No. 34-462

  • Rockwell Beaver Table Saw Cat. No. 5-34-451

  • Rockwell Delta Bandsaw Series # 28-3X0

  • Delta Lathe ATFC 3A1

  • Delta Rockwell Drill Press Cat. No. 5-15-002

  • Delta Rockwell Heavy Duty Shaper Serial # 73917T


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Hi New Teacher,

I passed this question on to John White as he's our resident old tool junkie, but he's been quite busy with a few projects around the shop soo I thought I would offer a reference for you to look into in the meantime.

There's a web site called, which stands for Old Woodworking Machines, which is a great resourse for researching old tools. There's often photos, parts lists, and manuals available.

Matt Berger
Fine Woodworking

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Thanks Matt, I will check it out.

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If you go to Delta's web site, you can eventually get to an area where you can download manuals for most of their machines, but it was an annoying process the last time I tried.  Delta was recently purchased by Black and Decker and their customer service and web site are not as good as they used to be.

I contacted SCM's North American distributor after tracking them down on the web, but they never answered my inquiry.  You can try to reach the main company at

John White


John White Shop Manager for FWW Magazine, 1998 to 2007

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Thanks John


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Manual (post #124648, reply #5 of 6)

Did you ever find a manual for the Rockwell/Delta 28-3X0 band saw?

I need to find and print a copy.  Thanks.

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Download over 16,000 (post #124648, reply #6 of 6)

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