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delat unisaw blade adjustment

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Looking for advice on how to adjust my delta unisaw re blade to mitre slot that is. I've had a sneaking suspicion the blade is off center because  no matter how many times I tinker with my fence vis a vis the mitre guage with a true square, I still continue to have cuts off a degree or two. Has anyone tuned their's up lately. I purchased my saw used and I estimate it to be in the 1980's vintage. The access port is on the right hand side.




Out of square

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Sorry to be slow to get back to you on this, but I've been swamped with questions on several forums. 

Before I can answer your question I need to ask one.  Is the problem with the rip fence or with the miter gauge.  I think you are talking about the miter gauge not cutting perfectly square but you talk about tinkering with the fence, which usually means the rip fence, so I'm not sure.

John White

John White Shop Manager for FWW Magazine, 1998 to 2007