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I am designing a round dining table for my Sister-in-law.  She has decided that 36 inches is the space she has available for the table.  I thought that a solid top duel drop-leaf table would be a good style for the area involved. 


My problem is that I am unsure about the square apron dimensions.  The only guiding proportions are that the top be 36 inches round and that the drop on each side be about 9 inches. That would make the stationary top about 18 inches wide. The legs will probably be turned with a 1-¾ inch square post.


Could you help me with some ideas of what dimensions for the apron I might work with?


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Let me start by saying that dining table height is generally between 28 and 31 inches high. Dining tables usually have the aprons close to the edges and said aprons are seldom more than 4 inches wide so that one does not hit one's knee on the apron when sliding forward in a chair. This also gives the table maximum tip over stability along its narrow axis. The legs can be splayed to improve this factor.

The aprons of drop leaf tables are very close to the edge for reasons of the support mechanics for the leafs. Often the outside face of the apron is just behind the center of the knuckle of the hinge. (For more about this see my recent positing on inleting drop leaf table hinges which has drawings attached.) Therefore, the distance across aprons on the 18 dimension(leafs down) would be just less than 17" (figuring a 1/2" round over). Likewise the legs of dining tables are generally as close to the corner as possible to keep them out of the way of diners. Therefore the aprons for the 36" dimension would be a tangent from just inside the point were the circle meets the drop leaf. This design would pretty much preclude drawers as they would have to be removed to see the contents. Send me a photo when it is done.

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Thank you. That does help me with the design.