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good day, I've got  a simple question. I've to make lots of small ( 12 mm wide) cuts in a drawer (sides and middle board) to store cd's in it. I thought there's a simple trick to cut this on the tablesaw, but unfortunately I can't find the jig for it. could you be of help. thanks for your quick reply and tip.

Since there's been no reply it could be there's a lack of info about the question. the point is how to use a jig to be able to cut repeatable cuts on the circular tablesaw in orde to get a kind of dado for storing cd's inside a drawer.

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Okay- The way I would do this is as follows:
I would make a "key" the thickness of the dado you want to make by about 1 3/4" long- Now take a piece of wood or plywood (straight) about 3" wide X about 14- 15" long. Now: figure out the spacing that you want- That spacing will determine where you will attach the "key" on the board you just made (I would cut a dado on the bottom edge of the board and glue the key in to that. It should protrude out from the board about one inch). Say you want 1 inch spacing between centers of the groove- The center of the key should be positioned one inch from the center of the dado blade. (by clamping the board to your miter gauge you can fine tune the spacing by adjusting the board closer or farther from the blade)
now- cut your first dado (you should probably do this before you clamp that key on!!) move the stock so that the first dado is over the key- cut your next dado, move the stock again so the new dado is fit over the key, and so on and so on....
If you have a "sled" made for your tablesaw then I would use that instead of the miter gauge (More support)- but either will work.
Let me know how you make out
Bob Van Dyke

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hi bob,

sorry for the delay in responding to your writing. I've been out for two weeks. I've tried already something like you described. the difference might be that I didn't work with a dado blade ( I use a normal 3,2 mm blade on the circular saw) and I put the key on the right side of the blade. In doing this it seemed that the spacing varied every cut and also the width of the wanted cut changed. so most probably I miss something in the set up. by your reply (with the use of a dado blade instead a single blade) it's not yet clear to me how to handle this jig.

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Is the "key that you made the same width as the desired cut? a 1/8" wide cut requires a 1/8" wide key- other wise there will be "slop"