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Ask the Experts Forum Moving Into Knots

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I write to sadly say that Fine Woodworking will discontinue Ask the Experts in its current format. Instead, we will capitalize on the resource that we already have in Knots, where members have been getting answers to their woodworking questions for almost a decade.


John White will move into that forum and continue answering questions there.


We also asked a handful of long-time Knots members to assist as community “experts” or liaisons to help people get their questions answered: Derek Cohen, Forestgirl, SgianDubh, KiddervilleAcres, and Steve Schoene.


The Ask the Experts archive will still be available for reference, but we ask that you post new woodworking questions in Knots.


Due to the current economic situation, we needed to cut the Ask the Experts budget last month and lost two talented experts. Instead of trying to continue the forum with a smaller cadre of experts, we decided to merge it with Knots.


Thanks to all who have posted and answered questions in this forum.


Gina Eide


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SPAM (post #123956, reply #1 of 2)

ho does one get past spam filter? I am trying to post a perfectly hamless message.

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Getting past the spam filter (post #123956, reply #2 of 2)

Getting past the spam filter is one of those mysterious and unsolvable challenges for posters at Knots nowadays. I'll be surprised if this innocuous message gets through. Slainte.

The poster formerly known as Sgian Dubh.

Edit. It did get through all those high security blockers! Hardly believable. Knock me down with a feather.