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Wiring shop.

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Wiring shop. (post #170639)

Hello, first of all, thank you so much for everyone on this forum. I barely post but I always read tips and advices.

Recently, I bought the following machines for my own shop that im setting up.

King 10" Table Saw KC-24FXT/i50  (220V 1phase 3HP 12.8A?)

Rok Dust Collector 80106  (240V 60Hz 3HP ?A)

King 20" Planer KC-530FXR   (240V 30A)

also, planning to buy a around 60G Compressor (240V ?A)


Right now, there is only 1 240V line of 15A so I was gonna use that for Table Saw.(12AWG wire)

for Planer, I am getting 40A 240V line for it. Wire should be 10AWG? as it is mentioned on manual.

Is It possible to share and run Dust Collector and Compressor at same time if I have enough Ampage?(lets say 50A? to be sure?) and if its possible, should I use 10AWG or 12 AWG? for those?

hope im making sense.

Thank you so much for reading this. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!