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Sound reducing material

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I have a small workshop in my basement.  The noise from my shop vac and my small air compressor are driving my wife nuts.

Recently I saw an article about building an enclosed cart that had sound proofing material on its inside.  I can't remember if the specific example was for a shop vacuum or a small pancake air compressor.  The idea would work for either.  I think the article was a Fine Woodworking e-mail post but, again, I can't be sure.

My question is whether anyone knows the article I'm talking about and where I can find it.

In it, was a link or reference to a good source for the sound proofing material the author used.  That's what I'm really looking for.

Any thoughts or advice will be greatly appreciated.

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Noise (post #170945, reply #1 of 3)

Wife has to go !


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Taming sound (post #170945, reply #2 of 3)

A Google search of "soundproofing materials" will produce numerous sources for specialized soundproofing materials. Commonly available foam rubber will also reduce sound transmission - less efficiently, but also less expensively.

I'd be careful about totally enclosing a vac or a compressor, though. The heat from the motor needs to be dissipated in some manner, and that is usually done with air flow, which is also what carries the noise, of course.

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This is what you're after (post #170945, reply #3 of 3)

This is the article you where looking for.

The vendor is

The prices seems high to me, but I get mine for free.

 I have not compared the performance but house carpet underlaycould be layered to get the thickness your after.


The material is sometimes called felt, shoddy, or jute.  The manufacturing process varies but for this application it shouldn't matter what you get.