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Furnace Replacement

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We just bought our first house. It's a fixer upper and it has the original furnace about 28 years old! We know a new furnace is in our near future.
We wondered if any readers could give us advice about buying a furnace.
Which brands are best? How can we get the best deal?

All is well

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Furnaces (post #170930, reply #1 of 3)

The (obviously well-made) natural-gas furnace in my previous house was 50 years old, and still going strong. New furnaces, however, are likely to be considerably more efficient (more heat transfer, less gas consumption). Whether the new ones would last as long is a different story. Plus, to make the issue more confusing, there are a variety of new heating technologies available.

While you research new systems, I'd suggest that you have your current furnace inspected for proper operation, and make sure that the joints in your ducts are properly sealed and well insulated.

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You don't say where you are (post #170930, reply #2 of 3)

You don't say where you are located but most states prohibit sales of HVAC units to the public. The units are not difficult to install but  running gas lines and electricity could be dangerous if one does not take necessary precautions. If you are willing to do a bit of research and feel fairly competant with hand tools, contact me directly and I will be glad to walk you through an installation.

There is little you cant do to  restore and repair your new home with just a bit of direction.

Good luck!!

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Of course, I did not install (post #170930, reply #3 of 3)

Of course, I did not install our high efficiency furnace nor run the ducts at the time of our home remodel. But having just had an on-demand water heater installed, I learned something I wish I had known. Shifting to high efficiency means ABS air intake and furnace exhaust lines have to go somewhere to the outside. The future runs for that are worth creating spaces for. If someday you might want to add an on-demand water heater, the gas lines have to be larger than for a furnace and the air exchange pipes have to be very large. I wished I had thought of that when I had the floors and walls framed above the furnace long ago.