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Places of woodworking inspiration and advice in NYC

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I will be traveling to New York City later this month. Can anyone recommend places to visit for a woodworker seeking inspiration, direction, advice, etc? I'm thinking of open galleries, studios, and/or schools. Mostly I would like to make connection with others willing to part with words of wisdom.

Thanks in advance.


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Big Apple (post #170627, reply #1 of 2)

The museums on 5th ave,  Met - Frick - Moma - etc. 

Steinway piano gives tours - another one that comes to mind is Derecktor Yacht Builders - they are friendly if you want to stop by and observe - call all first  to confirm  schedules


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the Met, the Met, the Met then (post #170627, reply #2 of 2)

search the web for museums in New York City.  I have a list but the FWW spam filter won't let me post any information.  If you want to send me an email (messnervan at yahoo dot com) I can send the list.