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DIY cool ice cream flavours

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Ice creams are favorite dessert either in scorching summer or cold winter. More and more people are interested in homemade ice cream, as it can not only have the pleasure of hand-making ice cream, but also produce cool ice cream flavours according to individual taste. Let's take a look at one recipe of some homemade cool ice cream flavour: Mocha ice cream Main Ingredients and tools: a half of cup granulated sugar, one scoop of cocoa powder, two teaspoons of instant coffee, two cups of milk, one scoop of corn starch ,one scoop of vanilla and a piece of chocolate; an egg mixer and ice cream machine. Making methods: 1. Prepare much ice-cold water; pour corn starch into a half a cup of milk and stir it dissolve fully and put aside. 2. Pour the rest milk into a pot, add some cocoa powder, sugar with medium heat, mix eggs until boiling and then add instant coffee. 3. Pour milk mixture and starch mixture into a pot, boil the mixture of fusion, continue to use medium heat to boil, stirring while cooking, boiling off immediately after the fire. 4.Add some vanilla and a half of chocolate and place the pot in the prepared ice water for cooling; keep stirring the mixture after cooling. 5.keep the ice cream mixture into the refrigerator for one night. According to ice cream machine instructions, you can pour into ice cream mixture. Soon later, you'll be able to eat handmade mocha ice cream.