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Keep out door shed warm & dry

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I am building a workshop shed and would like to know how to keep it warm during the cold season and prevent tools from rusting.  I am located 35 miles E. of NYC (Soth Shore of Long Island-can get a bit damp). I am planning of wiring the shed. I've looked into elecric heaters, gas heaters etc. Can someone give me some ideas without over kill. The size of the shed is 10X12 with a cable roof.



Tool Man

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I've got a similar size shed and use a small convector heater (500W) and that works well at keeping the shed dry and warm.  My shed is double skinned and the inner space filled with insulating material so it's economical to keep the heater on all the time.  Needless to say, I don't have any dampness or rust problems and I never get cold either!

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I would recommend as much insulation as possible and electric base board heaters. Make sure to put the electric base board heaters on a seperate circuit from the rest of your shop. That way you won't have to worry about poping a breaker and taking the long walk to the braker box!

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Hi Tool Man.... since you're out here 'on the island' you might be interested in the following web-site... Come on down and say Hello. SawdustSteve

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Shel: One item "kinda" made for your shed is a pumphouse heater. Link below. Duke

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