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Harvesting Mesquite Lumber in Arizona

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I am planning to be in Arizona at the end of the month.  I know a lot of ranchers consider mesquite a water waster and a weed.  Does anyone know if you can find landowners that will let you cut mesquite?  Can it be cut on public land (permit)?  I am looking for small quanities (turning blocks, squares , etc.).   I have contacted some sawmills but the prices seem very high to me.  

Any other woods were looking for while in AZ?  Pecan?

Any info. would be appreciated.


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By the time you put all that effort into it for just small pieces wouldn’t it just be cheaper to buy it?  It is expensive because it is so labor intensive.


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Where are you going to be in AZ? I live in Tucson. A while back I visited a small sawmill here in Tucson that had quite a bit of mesquite at a very reasonable price. They also have pecan. It’s on the Northeast corner of Ajo Way and S Alvernon Way. I can't remember the name of it. Most of their stuff is for firewood, but they allowed me to pick through it and take what I wanted for next to nothing. They cut mesquite to sell to local furniture makers. They allowed me to look through their offcuts for $1/linear foot (any thickness).

Nice people and there was a an old guy there who made some interesting wood ornaments.

Good luck. The weather is wonderful right now in Tucson.


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This is the type of tip I was looking for.  I plan to be in Tucson and Sierra Vista area, so any additional info. on the location of this sawmill would be appreciated. 


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Used to live in Tucson, and here's a place due south of Tucson about 40 miles:

I believe there's also a place near the Dragoon Mnts.

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It is on the south side of Tucson. Your best bet would be to plug it into google maps.

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Thanks for the info.  I did some data mining with Google and I am guessing this is the place.

D J Dugan Custom Sawmilling


(520) 241-6731

3887 E Ajo Way,
Tucson, AZ 85714


Thanks again

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Yep! That's the one.


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PH -

Also, the Woodcraft in Tucson has a selection of mesquite bowl blanks at a fair price. They have some very experienced turners at this store that are more than willing to help. They might also have some ideas of where else to get some mesquite. Tell them Josh sent you! Haha....yea, I spend too much money there.


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I just returned from Arizona.  I didn't have room for the chainsaw.  However, I did vist two mesquite sawmills.  The one in Tucson didn't have much in the way of cut stock or offcuts.  However, since I was looking for turning wood I did buy one nice offcut and a pecan log (15" diameter x 24").  Should produce some bowls and nice turning blanks.  The mill at Tumacacori off I-19 near the Mexican border, had significant more stock on hand.  The real find for me was there offcut pile.  It was HUGE.  I was able to but some 4/4 8/4 and 12/4 stock very reasonable and very nice people and place.

Just in case you are looking for mesquite in Arizona