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Does anyone have a source for RIEMPIES?

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The only sources I can find are on on the web and the pages written in Afrikaans.


Thanks for any suggestions




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Hi Gary

What are you looking for? As I understand, a riempie is a open/wide type of weave on a bench or seat, usually of leather.


Regards from Perth


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Hi Derek,


Your understanding is, of course, correct. There is a large South African immigrant population here and they are requesting 'riempie(d) chairs'.  From what I have learned the leather in question is of a particular colour and texture. The individual strands are sold in approx 2 meter lengths and are referred to as 'riempies'. And these are what I am trying to source.


Regards to you as well, from the west coast of Canada.


Gary Kahne

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Hi Gary

From memory - I have not seen one in years - you could use any leather. It can be square sectioned - like thick boot laces - or a flat section, like a narrow belt. I'd aim for about 1/4" thick in all cases.

Regards from Perth


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Thanks Derek,


May have to resort to that in the end but would prefer the genuine article.


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You don't have the computer thing that will translate?
I think you are on the right track in trying to get the leather strips from South Africa, though, as then they will be authentic . But on the other hand if you got a small amount you would have samples to use in getting them made locally.

Philip Marcou

Philip Marcou
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Hi Philip,

After reading your post I was thinking I could just capture a local South African and chain him to my computer for a few minutes. Since all the ones around here seem to be doctors, I'd just have to 'hide in the bushes and look sick'. This being Canada they would stop to help.


Thanks for the reply



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I am from South Africa and living in the country side in the northern part of the country.

Riempies are used often in chair and bench seating. The seating can be used as is to sit on or can be covered with a thin pillow.

Riempies are made from hide, especially Kudu hide. Kudu is an antelope that roams a large area of Africa. The best riempies are made from Kudu hide.

A friend of mine, witch passed away a few years back used to make riempies in the traditional way. It took him about 2 hours to explane the proses from the raw hide through to the riempies. It is a long proses.

Cow hide can be used. Not the leather that you would buy from an upholstery shop- this is thinned out to much. You must use cow hide of wich the hair has been removed and not thinned out at all. Cut this hide in 6mm strips and riempie your chair or bench seats. Riempies gives a natural look with the wood.

I hope this explained well enough . I am Afrikaans speaking.

I have posted a picture of a two seater in Wood and Materials

Enjoy your riempie

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As my handle say's
Got all kinds of leather here, but antelope is hard to find tanned even in Sask were they run around by the 1,000's easier to scrap one off your wind sheild/ bumper.
Get hold of LaBelle Supply in Vancouver. They sell shoe repair materials and leather. They could probably find something there.
Or BC Fur Dressers if they are still around. Google leather supplies and see what you get.
Just a guess an oil tanned latigo sounds like it would work. Different sizes and strong as hell but still has some give.
Keep us posted

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Riempie (post #114133, reply #9 of 19)

Email me I supply riempie in a
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Try these folks (post #114133, reply #10 of 19)

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I am a source for riempies :) (post #114133, reply #11 of 19)

Hi Gary

You can't just use normal leather strips as riempies as the method of manufacturing and tanning is different from actual riempies. We can make 2 types of riempies, the original raw kudu hide riempie made from a recipe inherited from my great great grandmother, and the standard white tanned cattle hide riempie. I would love to start sending these throughout the world so let me know if you are still looking for proper riempies

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riempie storage (post #114133, reply #12 of 19)

Can we assume that those made from your great great grandmother's recipe are stored in a riempie safe with perforated tin panels?  ;-)

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Perforated tin can (post #114133, reply #13 of 19)

RalphBarker wrote:

Can we assume that those made from your great great grandmother's recipe are stored in a riempie safe with perforated tin panels?  ;-)


Hahaha well, not the riempies, but definitely the recipe :D :D

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Supply riempies to the USA? (post #114133, reply #17 of 19)

I need some riempies to repair my chairs; I don't know where you are - do you ship to the USA? Prices??


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Raw riempies (post #114133, reply #14 of 19)

Hi Gary,


Please contact Johan Geyser from 'Die Riempiespan'. He can assist you with all you need to know as well as homemade raw riempies.

Die Riempiespan

Johan en Freda Geyser

082 920 7184 * 082 777 3901

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Leather Riempies-Leatherite International (post #114133, reply #15 of 19)

Leatherite International

Wholesalers of leather and riempies for chairs


We stock white and raw riempies for chairs.

We send them all over the world.


Please view our website for more information

We wholesale all different types of leather , leathercraft tools , buckles ect

+27 0 12 8043520

Raw_Riempies.JPG37.68 KB
White_Riempies.JPG93.73 KB
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Riempie suppliers in Australia (post #114133, reply #16 of 19)

Does anyone know of riempie suppliers in Australia

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Riempies (post #114133, reply #18 of 19)

We supply both raw and white riempies from South Africa.


email info@suzandy for further details.

Raw riempie is like rawhide and ideal for canoe seats.  Available in 6mm and 8mm widths.

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I have recently bought some (post #114133, reply #19 of 19)

I have recently bought some riempies from De Jonge Riempies in Johannesburg. I ordered on line from the UK and received his DIY chair kits within two weeks by air mail. Nico was very pleasant to deal with and highly efficient. He may well be Afrikaans but his web site is in English as are the instructions he sends with each pack. He also corresponds in English. I would thoroughly recommend him.