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1/8" wiggle Board ?

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A couple of years back I completed a project using 1/8" wiggle board.
I've tried 3/8" wiggle board and it doesn't work satisfactorily.

My lumber yard no longer carries it and I'm stumped to find a supplier in the NJ (or even NYC) area.

Has anyone got any ideas as to where I might look?

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Look up plywood in the yellow pages. Industrial plywood dealers carry all the bending plywoods. Forget the local lumber yards for this stuff.

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Try Lee Valley. If you can use small pieces (2 foot by 4 foot) then they have what you need


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In NJ give Willard Brothers a try

If they don't have it or can't get it for you, I'm sure they can guide you to someone who can get it; a very helpful group.

Good luck,


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