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Segmented bowls finish

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Confused about what type of finish to put on a segmented bowl. If the bowl is going to be used for eating cereal out of or that 

kind of stuff, you would use a butcher block or salad bowl safe eating fiinish? If the bowl is going to be used for dry goods, like snacks and candy, do you still us salad bowl finish? The few bowls I practiced on, used GF Seal-A-Cell, 2 or 3 coats and it looked good enough for me. Some fancy Art type bowls that are for display only, looked liked they where polished out to a mirror finish. Any opinion is appreciated.

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A lot of segmented turners will build up a lacquer finish, but it isn't being used for cereal. General Finishes has a great salad bowl finish that works for food related items.  I would recommend something like that for your standard bowls and use lacquer when doing an art piece.  Then it doesn't matter whether the bowl recipient uses it for cereal or to hold fruit.