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Power sculpting tools

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I'm new to power sculpting and am looking at flexible shaft tools. I'm working on a sculpture that is 42" tall. After roughing with a chainsaw, and shaping with a Kutzall disc, I'm looking to do some final shaping with burrs. Is Foredom the one-and-only brand to consider? I'm considering the 1/3 HP FOREDOM TX 5400 (

Is Foredom better than the Wecheer 1/3 HP tool? The Wecheer costs half as much and can reverse (which the Foredom cannot). Is reversability (sic) all that important? I assume it is for getting less tearout when working "back-handed" against the grain.

Does anyone have experience with the Woodhog (also available at woodcarverssupply)?

Finally, how do people get to a finished surface? Fine carving discs and burrs followed by sanding flaps and discs?


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The woodhog is basically a die grinder or a laminate router would do the same thing. Do you have any caring books or subscribe to that English carving mag. It's better than the american carving mag.

Riffler and files and sandpaper work well. Lots of carving use handtool marks with sanded areas for definition. Have you seen the work of Grinling Gibbons?  Prepare to be humbled! has a carving forum

Foredom isn't the only one. Rio Grand, Gesswein, jewelry and lapidary companies sell other brads such as NSK, Pfingst and many others.

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Thanks for the helpful info and links. Looking around, people seem as happy with their Mastercarvers as with their Foredoms. And yes, I've seen pictures of Grinling Gibbons' carvings - humbling.