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Looking for a rare block of wood...

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I'm trying to find a single block of wood that measures 17" L x 15"W x 6"D, and I'm willing to pay a premium price, if I can get it.  I'd like a single block, but if I have to use two - 15 x 17 x 3" pieces, that might get the job done.  I realize that the width, and depth present some problems.

What type?  Well, it's going to be used for a woodcarving with some intricate detail, so it needs to be fairly hard.  It will need to be bleached to a uniform, "light" color, so it has to be a light colored species the doesn't have much figure, or character.  I use basswood for most of my carvings, and it might work, but I've done some experiments with maple, and that might be ideal.   I've also used mahogany, but it would need to be a fairly light toned piece in order to bleach it down to the shade I want.  Poplar might work, as long as it didn't have any of the green heart in it.

Does anyone here have something like this laying around the shop?  Anybody know of a place that could sell me something like this?  I've tried all my "usual suspects", with no luck.  If it's a part of a board where you want to sell the whole piece, I'll be glad to pay for all of it.

I'm also going to post this to the Wood & Materials forum, but if you think I might get a response from a different forum, please paste it there.