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Grizzly Wood Lathe

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I am in the market for a wood lathe and have been looking at Grissly.   What  could I expect from a Grizzly?

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I don't own any (post #170911, reply #1 of 5)

I don't own any Grizzly machies, so I have no first-hand experience. My impression from reading comments of others over the years, however, is that the higher-end machines within the Grizzly line are pretty good, but the less-expensive models aren't very good at all.

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Lathe reply (post #170911, reply #2 of 5)

I have an older grizzly (maybe seven years old now) and it was priced in the $450 range. It did (I've modified the motor size) fairly well turning spindles and small bowls and vessels. The original motor speed was 1/2 hp and maybe even 1/4. I created an elaborate set-up to mount a 1hp so I could comfortably turn larger bowls. If I was to buy a grizzly again, which I'd have no problem doing I'd go bigger. Spend the extra couple of hundred and get a strong motor out of the gate and you'll be in good shape. The castings are pretty good and I've not had any issues with my lathe. The varible speed is nice as well.

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Grizzly lathe (post #170911, reply #3 of 5)

 Thanks for your response.

  I am looking at the larger (two-three HP) with variable speed. I think it will be strong enough to do the work and heavy enough to not dance .

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lathe HP (post #170911, reply #4 of 5)

Just what do you plan on turning ?   2-3 hp is a lot for a wood lathe.  

Work Safe,  Count to 10 when your done for the day !!

Bruce S. 


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Grizzly lathe (post #170911, reply #5 of 5)

  Thanks for the response.  I want to turn bowles,lazy susans,etc. I don't want to wait for the machine to revup every so often. That is the reason for the horsepower. Would a less powerful motor do the work?