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Does anyone have any yoga bench plans? I've seen a couple of designs on the internet but haven't found any plans or dimensions. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Make sure you leave plenty of room on the bench for a pick-a-nick basket...Oh...that's a yogA bench.  Thought you said Yogi...I'll leave now.


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My girlfriend just opened a yoga studio, and I built all the props as outlined in "Working Plans of the Props Used for Iyengar Yoga" by Francois Lozier. Here's the link:

If the link doesn't work, go to and do a search for "working drawings" or something of the sort.

It's a tiny book full of rudimentary drawings, but it gives the specific dimensions (i.e. height, length, etc...) necessary to be considered "Iyengar approved". I've found through research that the dimensions are similar across different yoga styles.



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Working Plans for Iyengar Yoga Props (post #115342, reply #3 of 4)


Thank you for providing the reference to Francois Lozier's Plans. The Plans are out of prints, would you be willing to sell a copy?

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Working Plans of Iyengar Yoga Props - LINK (post #115342, reply #4 of 4)

Working Plans of Iyengar Yoga Props by Francois Lozier

Free PDF: